Sunday, January 22, 2006

James Madison quote

An elective despotism was not the government we fought for; but one which should not only be founded on free principles, but in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits, without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.

James Madison, Federalist No. 48, February 1, 1788

Democrats: Show 'em a Better Way

Democrats: Show 'em a Better Way

Democrats shouldn't be shy about getting tougher and defending themselves much better when it comes to diluting the inevitably negative media effects of partisan spin. For instance, they need to press the fact that Karl Rove, on the offensive in order to make his party look stronger, is deliberately dividing Americans on the issue of the war about which a majority of the public believe is a disaster.

No Democrat should be afraid to say that, a few short years after WWII had begun, Hitler was committing suicide in his bunker because he knew, thanks to the brilliance and tenacity of America and its allies, that the game was over. His ideas were dead in the water.

Where are our allies today? Many have left the coalition in Iraq - and most declined to join us from the beginning. Italy's troops will be gone from Iraq by the end of the year. It won't be long before we find ourselves alone. What kind of leadership does that scene portray? I'd venture to say that it portrays the worst leadership in America's history.

Blogger Kevin Hayden recently asked what being a leader actually means. Kevin comments that "our terribly incompetent and ineffective commander-in-chief finds it necessary to play one-upsmanship spin games every time the serial killer (Bin Laden) speaks on tape."

He says:
Anti-Americanism across the globe - not just in Muslim countries - has increased in five years of his leadership to levels not seen in nearly half a century. If we're putting terrorists out of business - as Scott McClellan claimed - why has terrorism multiplied in the past five years, faster than at any time in modern history?
Rather than becoming despondent like Adolph Hitler, the weak-kidneyed sack of hatred Osama bin Laden seems to be basking in his glory and taunting his enemies, knowing he has sparked many copy cats around the globe to attack Westerners at every opportunity.

Gee, thanks, Bush administration. GREAT JOB!

If that is what Karl Rove or Scott McClellan believes is the great new Republican post-9-11 thinking, we're in BIG trouble.

It's time to talk about what happens after the many Bush administration
post-9-11 failures.

I'd like to see Democratic leaders out there in the media speaking out about the Democrats and their ideas about national security; better ideas for a stronger and safer America.

Democrats should explain that they won't sink to Osama bin Laden's level and play the war games by his rules. The Bush administration has left Osama on the gameboard for too long now. We can do so much better, and we Democrats should show America that we have a better idea.

As Molly Ivins said in her latest column:
What kind of courage does it take, for mercy's sake? The majority of the American people (55 percent) think the war in Iraq is a mistake and that we should get out....WHO ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

Let's show America that we have a better idea. Now is the time to be bold. Karl Rove is talking as if his party is strong and right, while in reality, they're walking disasters.

Tar Heel Tavern #48

Tar Heel Tavern #48

The theme for this week’s Tavern is HUMOR. For those of you who sent your submissions to me, and for all others who visit my blog this week, I proudly present to you the 48th edition of the Tarheel Tavern. I only had a few submissions, so I decided to do an Editor's choice, going out to some of the regular Tar Heel Tavern blogs in search of some light material.

I'll start by asking - What's on Your Fridge?

When chipper meets bitter, it's not the prettiest scene. You know you must be sick when you use "incessantly" and "sex" in the same sentence. Jon Lowder's blogpost has it all - cursed routes and business suits; chatty gals and rest room tales. (Here's hoping he's feeling better).

Scrambling eggs in bed, hungry chicks in the bathtub, dreaming about being plucked bare while swimming in grease. Billy, Billy, Billy. That's the hottest poem about chickens I've ever read. Whew.

Mandie's pal is sniffing around for some good blogposts.

A Reminder:
Mandie still has one of her prints available on eBay, with 10% going to the NC Coastal Land Trust. LINK

My own contribution here at Iddybud lends you some advice about being careful about what you give away for free.

Answer this question: Just what, pray tell, is a woman who faithfully performs her Kegel exercises supposed to do with 250 tampons and 100 Centrum Silver vitamins? And what led this lovely lady to an afternoon of fast-food garbage-picking? Don't ask me. Only Dear Jane can explain. A real-life must-read for any parent - or anyone thinking about becoming a parent and betting you'll still be sane by the time the kids go to college. (Rotsa ruck).

ZhaK shows us that form and function have little to do with a certain turquoise leather slim-cut skirt - even when it has a puffy jacket to match. ZhaK shares 40 years worth of something extremely personal with you in this blogpost. She may inspire you to open your closet door and take a good hard look at what you've been showing and telling the world about yourself.

Who do you think was the biggest wuss of 2005? Anonymoses is taking nominations for the first annual Wuss Awards.

Did you know that Bora is now a Blooker? He'll be finalizing his first Blook this weekend (and we wish him luck). He explains that he tends to blog about a wide variety of topics and that his eclectic taste leads him to reading a wide variety of blogs. He asks his readers to tell him why they come to his blog - and what they enjoy reading about.

Seen at Scrutiny Hooligans: If the leader of the free world went on Jeopardy..

Say 'Hello' to the adorable Squirt and Lucy at Slowly She Turned.

On a serious note, prayers and healing thoughts go out to our own Ron Hudson, whose mom has been in the hospital (on and off) since late December with cardiopulmonary issues. He's had to temporarily stop writing his blog, but he wanted to send his greetings to everyone. He says that he hopes to be back soon.

I'll end this edition of the Tar Heel Tavern with a link to a website that never fails to make me smile: Crying While Eating. I'm thinking about making my own Crying While Eating video. What will I eat? What will I choose to cry about? What will I wear? (Maybe Zhak can help me plan my wardrobe!)