Monday, April 17, 2006

Cross Left on Immigration Reform

Cross Left on Immigration Reform

See Cross Left's posting on Immigration Reform. Take action today - this is still a hot topic. The pressure is on to reform our broken and inefficient immigration system. When our legislators return from recess, we'll likely see them take it up once again. Speak your mind while you can.

Make no mistake, this is a moral issue. We're excellent repairers and reformers here in this country, and we can afford to deport all the people we want at any time if that's the road we choose to take.

However, that's not what this debate is about. Not at the heart of the matter. This isn't about how America values infrastructure and process. It's about how America values and treats the people that come here looking for a better life (regardless of how they got here).

Tom Tancredo and his ilk seem to have forgotten that their own ancestors were once most of our ancestors. Some of the federal legislators that want to build physical walls and impenetrable legal walls to keep Mexicans from seeking out our so-called land of opportunity are also people who claim to be "people of faith." They harp and preach from their faith-bandwagon constantly. Well, if their stand on immigration is from a Bible-based faith, perhaps I've been reading a completely different version of the Good Book!

This problem which has our political leaders at a stalemate is about human relations. We are talking about millions of hard-working, living, breathing, feeling human beings. The spot where our political leaders have to start compromising is within their HEARTS, because there is a spiritual deficit that seems to be growing even deeper than the economic deficit in America today. Barriers between "us and them" should be dismantled before the thought of building one physical wall is entertained.

Tom Tancredo is wrong at heart - and millions upon millions of America are waking up to that fact.

John Edwards (Video)

Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) and Fmr. Mayor Tom Fetzer (R-Raleigh) take questions from students at a Wake Tech Community College iChat sponsored by Generation Engage.

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