Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NYT: Bush Fuzzy and Bland on Immigration

NYT: Bush Fuzzy and Bland on Immigration

Today's New York Times editorial gives President Bush a virtual "NO-DUH!" award for what said in California about the immigration issue yesterday.
"...all President Bush offered was a restatement of the painfully obvious and a bunch of bland generalities.."
They also criticized him over what he failed to say.
"this is a moment for specifics. The president could have argued forcefully for comprehensive reform and spelled out the distinction that the Senate has drawn between an earned route to legalization and the detested free ride of amnesty. Instead, he blandly labeled the Senate compromise an "interesting approach," as if he were pondering a piece of modern art rather than the fate of something central to his domestic agenda."
I wish President Bush was a stronger leader on such an important issue. I didn't vote for him in the last two elections because I do not share his vision for America. Now I'm left to wonder what the hell his vision is. When he fails to argue effectively and convincingly, it opens the door for the radical faction within his own GOP to move the bill far-out Right where most Americans would not care to see it go. I wonder if he has any strong conviction on the issue? I'm not hearing it in the form of any ideas that would spark our curiosity or inspire us to hope for a decent legislative compromise. I don't see Bush as inhuman and I think it's true that mass deportation would be a waste of our tax dollars. But where was he yesterday (other than "in California?")

I had hoped we'd hear something decisive and clear from Bush yesterday. And then I woke up - - and realized there's not much more to Bush's recent hollow rap on immigration than just rap. And then I woke up - -and realized there isn't much of a leadership vibe going on in the noggin or that heart of Bush's. Is he just an empty suit? We need solid leadership - and knock-knock-knock...HELLO-O?!?....nobody's home. And they accuse Democrats of not having a plan!?!

And could there be any bigger turds than the shameless people within the RNC who've decided to spread out-and-out lies to Mexican immigrants by broadcasting on Spanish-language radio ads in the Southwest that Democrats are supporting efforts to turn illegal immigrants into felons (when Democrats are advocating the opposite?)

Today in Syracuse I'll be attending a public witness on behalf of immigrants that is sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, who are leaders of orders of Roman Catholic Sisters across New York State. It will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the James M. Hanley U.S. Court House and Federal Building in Syracuse. From the Catholic Sun:
Immigration lawyer Sister Gaye Moorhead, RSM, will address the sisters during the event. Other speakers will include those who work directly with immigrants as well as immigrants themselves who will share their personal experiences of living and working in the U.S. The public witness will be followed by a Mass celebrated by Bishop Thomas Costello at 1:15 p.m., at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse. The Sisters of St. Francis have renewed their commitment to stand by immigrants, this time as advocates. The sisters have asked people of all faiths to join them in this event.

Another purpose of the event is to build support for the McCain-Kennedy “Secure America Act,” which includes elements of immigration reform supported by the sisters. In their quest for justice for immigrants, the sisters want government officials to know that opportunities for citizenship, protection of workers’ rights and reunification of families must be part of any effective reform.
I'll be reporting on the event's outcome.