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Meet Philoblogger

Meet Philoblogger

I'd like to introduce you to Philoblogger (known by some as "the world's sexiest philosopher.") A recent UNC honors grad ( *magna cum laude, Philosophy ) , he has just arrived on the blogging scene, and I know you'll be hearing great things from him. I have heard great things from him myself, including (but not limited to) his Shins and Modest Mouse CDs. I've also once seen a grand fireworks display, which was a mere backdrop to the dark and glorious silhouette of his wisdom-packed head.

Some of My Favorite Films of 2004

Some of My Favorite Films of 2004

After reading Robert Stribley's comprehensive list of 'love-'em'/'hate-'em'/'have yet to see 'em' films for 2004, I decided to jot down some of my own favorites. I haven't seen all that many, and I found that I enjoyed this year's documentaries more than the selection of feature films.


Control Room - My favorite overall film of the year. A must-see for anyone who doesn't know what goes on behind the scenes at al Jazeera. They are not who many of you may think they are. You get to see a rare glimpse of the human faces behind the cameras.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - The list would not be complete without Mr. Moore's documentary. He may have pissed some people off with his hyperbole and humor, but he certainly made a difference in waking people up to some facts they may have missed had it not been for the film.

Fog of War - I just saw this.

Feature Films:

Finding Neverland - Johnny Depp played JM Barrie with finesse. An enchanting and touching film.

Eternal Sunshine Of The spotless Mind - Jim Carrey was wonderful in this role.

Garden State - Great film. Best music, for sure.

Shrek 2 - My kind of fairy tale.

Napoleon Dynamite - One of my top picks. All the curly-topped Napoleon D had to do was squint and stand au naturelle -- he had me at his deadpan "hello". His chat-room-hangin' brother was pasty, puny, and perfect. And oh, how Napoleon can dance.

Saved - Mandy Moore was hilarious as a Jesus-lovin' evangelical bitch in this comedy produced by REM's Michael Stipe.

Osama (2003, released Jan 2004 in US)- Takes you directly into a young girl's a society much unlike my own. Well done.

Big Fish - A wonderful fantasy; a touching story.

Polar Express - Reminded me of the childhood 'magic' that should never be lost, no matter how old you grow to be.

Ladykillers - Tom Hanks was amusing in a role that was quite unusual for him. His co-actors supported him well.

The Notebook - A sweet film. Sentimental. Reminded me of the way they made films in days of old.

Anchorman - Tim Robbin's cameo as a pipe-smoking PBS Afro-coifed anchorman was enough to make this one of the funniest.

*I haven't seen Sideways, Maria Full of Grace, or Ray yet. Want to.

*I liked Around the World in 80 Days,
even though no one else did.

It's probably because I had a wicked crush on Steve Coogan. ;)




Above: Ports Aviation and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera consoling a member of the fishing community in Dondra who broke out with his tale of woe to him when he visited the Dondra Fisheries harbour to assess the damage caused by the tidal wave and make arrangements to reconstruct the harbour. Second: Collapsed buildings and houses in Mullaitivu. Pictures by P. Piyadasa and Ajantha D. Sanjeewa


• --Time for soul-searching
"Distress and disaster very often activates the innate creativity of mankind. Faced by cruel, overwhelming calamities, the more insightful and sage among us rise to heights of wisdom and knowledge which prove a resplendent guiding light for the rest of society..

[..] In the quest for material advancement and self-aggrandizement, social groups of this country have failed to realise that "life is but a walking shadow" and that "it is a tale told by an Idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Ironically, although these thoughts are dinned into the popular consciousness from religious daises, pulpits and even public platforms, it has taken the worst natural disaster so far, in this country, for both the rulers and ruled to realise that they are only momentary phenomenon who need to come together in a spirit of humility and charitableness to work towards the common good - disregarding all man-made barriers, such as, caste, creed, religion and community.
Other News:

• --Immediate rehabilitation, relief for tsunami victims
• --Tsunami destroys 37 schools in 13 districts
• --'Foreign troops will engage only in humanitarian activities'
• --Pakistani PM on disaster
• --US$ 500 m Japanese grant for tsunami disaster
• --Relief from the International Community Updated: December 31, 2004
• --UN to make major appeal for tsunami-hit nations - Wahlstrom
• --Sweden helps tsunami victims
• --Quick relief for tsunami disaster from Norway
• --Relief from Bangladesh arrives
• --'Orphaned children should be adopted legally'

Source: Daily News

Democrats are talking about...

Democrats are talking about...

"....Kerry's ultra-cautious campaign made things difficult for Democrats all over. Kerry's campaign was so much about himself. He ran on biography rather than by standing up for Democratic principles. I cannot recall him ever using his position as the nominee to help other Democrats in any meaningful way.

Kerry's campaign was SO the opposite of "You have the power." To the extent that he thought at all about those of us who were drawn to Dean, he thought "you have the money (and I want it)." And that's exactly how he treated us. Pelosi and Reid's support of [Tim] Roemer suggests that nothing has changed and nothing will change unless WE change it."

--Kos commenter known as "JIM IN CHICAGO"... a discussion at Daily Kos about Nancy Pelosi and her alleged "hedging" on her choice for DNC Chair; along with a discussion of the general unpopularity of Tim Roemer with progressive Democrats as the prime choice for the Chair.

The thread is titled What Dems Need to Do.