Saturday, May 01, 2004

Bring Them Home- U.S. soldiers' families speaking out

Larry Syverson

The Family Readiness Group of the 333rd MP unit has taken its grievances to the top, sending a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld requesting that the troops return home as soon as possible.

"Our troops are still waiting for more body armor. They are still waiting for better equipment. They are still waiting for a policy that brings in the rest of the world and relieves their burden."
--Army National Guard 1st Lt. Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq war veteran in today's Democratic response to the president's weekly radio address.

The U.S. can't win under the circumstances present in the Sunni triangle, no matter what they try to do. The willingness of the U.S. to install a relatively unknown armed force with ties to the ousted regime at the forefront of the Fallujah standoff is a sign of U.S. eagerness to find a way out of the siege, which has raised an international outcry and has angered many Iraqi leaders who once supported the United States. These Iraqi leaders will likely be part of the new Iraqi government at the end of June. All I can foresee is civil war and U.S. troops in the middle of it in the dreaded heat of the coming summer.