Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nir Rosen: Witness to Iraq

Nir Rosen: Witness to Iraq

If you do nothing else today and you wish to know what is happening on the ground in Iraq from an unembedded reporter, please read Nir Rosen. [cached version]

Don't bother with Stephen Hayes. As usual, he's feeding the right bloggers a steaming bowl of shite and I'm sure they'll swallow it whole.

All My Children

All My Children

Dedicated to my own Mom

My son, my nieces...they are such an important part of my life.

We take them on long journeys.

They seem so small - and suddenly we realize how tall they've grown while we weren't paying attention.

Next thing you know, your little guy's meeting the President of the United States.

..and he's attending the Presidential inauguration (2005).

We remember the days when they weren't so big - and sometimes wish we could keep them that way.

When they still believed in the Easter Bunny and fairies.

When they could have fun simply by using their imagination...dreaming..

As caring parents, we attend every school sporting and music event. We mark every educational achievement.

As they grow and face a sometimes chaotic world, we hope they never forget the value of solitude and the sunshine on their face.

My favorite Christmas gift from last year.

I had to add this last photo - it's priceless. My niece (in the background) is taking great joy from the fact that she teased her baby sister. She has this cute (evil) smile on her face.