Friday, August 13, 2004

Dear George-Do you hate me for my freedom?

Dear George-Do you hate me for my freedom?

Dear Mr. Bush, you are very easy to "see through". You told Larry King you wanted to do away with '527s' because people have said "bad things" about you with money coming from them.

Are the "bad things" they've said about you untrue, Mr. Bush? If so, why haven't your high-powered attorneys filed suit against those nasty people? (They did you "justice" when you needed them in the 2000 election, didn't they?) Could it be you could never prove that they were hurling untruths at all?

Why is money fine as "free speech" when it comes from your ultra-rich "base", (as I heard you affably call the 'have-mores' in Michael Moore's movie) and not when little 'have-nots' like me have something to say and choose to give to the folks I believe will speak well for me?

You refused to condemn the "bad things" the Swift Boat defamers are claiming about your opponent John Kerry. If you're such a decent and affable fellow with respect for our veterans, how is it that you can't reach down inside your soul and condemn the nasty things they're saying about Mr. Kerry? I'm thinking you are harboring a sadistic liking of the situation. Am I wrong?

Doing away with free speech isn't the answer, George.
No matter how rough the free speech gets.
Freedom, like a Purple Heart veteran, should always be given the benefit of doubt. When you're being asked to condemn the ads, as John McCain readily did, you're flinching, George.
It doesn't say much about your character; especially since your wartime service record is rather pathetic in comparison. (Sorry, bud, I know it hurts, but it's my opinion and I believe it's true.)

I know you, though, George. You're success is all "theatre". I know you like to carefully control the crowd at your campaign stumps. I am allowed to see the staged 300 people or so who gaze at you dreamily, gush over you, and ask you soft questions while thousands are outside the arena door loudly protesting you and your policies. I see the laughing Scarboroughs sitting in the crowd behind you with brainwashed love in their eyes.

I can separate fact from fiction, even though the cable news networks love the drama and often overlook reality--playing along with the fantasy that you have strong support. John Kerry doesn't ban free speech from his campaign stumps. I'm thinking he respects freedom a whole lot more than you do, George. I think freedom scares and threatens you.

Truth to tell, I think you're the quintessential emperor without any clothes.

There's a difference between you and me, George. You would do anything to shut your detractors up and out. On the other hand, I would do anything to protect the right of free speech for those Swift Boat defamers.

If the men in the anti-Kerry Swift Boat ads are liars, we have a justice system to hold them to their statements. If they are malicious or reckless with their statements, they should be dragged to court for all the nation to scrutinize while they watch Court TV. This is a healthy thing for an informed citizenry. Extracting truth is healthy.

I know you, George. You don't think much of the rule of law. I don't think you care that much about the truth, either, judging from all you told us during the lead-up phase to the Iraq war.

I'm surprised though, George---really surprised--- to hear you say you don't support free speech. You're always telling us terrorists "hate us for our freedoms". Why am I getting the distinct impression you hate many of us for our freedoms, George?

We shall miss Julia Child

We've lost Julia

We shall miss Julia Child

O Julia, Julia, Cook and nifty wench,
Whose unsurpassed quenelles and hot souffl├ęs,
Whose English, Norse and German, and whose French,

Are all beyond my piteous powers to praise-
Whose sweetly-rounded bottom and whose legs,
Whose gracious face, whose nature temperate,
Are only equaled by her scrambled eggs:

Accept from me, your ever-loving mate,
This acclamation shaped in fourteen lines
Whose inner truth belies its outer sight;
For never were there foods, nor were there wines,

Whose flavor equals yours for sheer delight.
O luscious dish! O gustatory pleasure!
You satisfy my taste-buds beyond measure.

- Paul Child, Birthday 1961

Drudge has debate scoop

Drudge has debate scoop

Matt Drudge has posted early presidential debate schedule information. Official announcements will be announced this afternoon.

First Presidential Debate: Jim Lehrer (PBS)

Second Presidential Debate: Charlie Gibson (ABC)

Third Presidential Debate: Bob Schieffer (CBS)

Vice Presidential Debate: Gwen Ifill (PBS)

Rudy Guiliani doesn't need Michael Moore

Rudy Guiliani doesn't need Michael Moore

It's a foregone conclusion that Michael Moore doesn't need to tell Rudy Guiliani about 9/11, even though I saw that headline all over the front pages at news stands while I was on vacation last week.

When it comes to criticizing Bush for those seven minutes in that classroom when Bush was informed that America was under attack, Rudy says he thinks John Kerry is "armchair quarterbacking" based on cues from Michael Moore.

I didn't need Mr. Moore to give me any cues, and neither does John Kerry. We knew about the seven minutes long before "Fahrenheit 9/11" was in the can-- or anywhere near the can.

Matter of fact, Mr. Moore may have gotten his cues from the same place I did.
From real life.

The reality that proved to me that Rudy Guiliani was a brave, intelligent, and decisive man on the morning of 9/11 is the same reality that informed me, on that same morning, that my president looked more frightened and frozen as any typical terrified American.
Reality informed me that Bush was conspicuous by his long absence that morning. Peter Jennings informed me that Bush took off for some cave in East Fumbuck that morning, while people jumped to their deaths or burned alive..while my own brother ran from the Financial district (with thousands of others) in the chaotic streets of NYC.
While we watched..horrified..
while we waited.

Leaders were born that morning.

I think Rudy was the prime example.

Bush dropped out of the 'contestants for glory' early on..within the first seven minutes.

If Chic Hecht had been choking in front of Bush, I imagine he may have heard the child-soothing strains of "My Pet Goat" as he slipped smothering into his final sleep.

Sudan Genocide-Frist Makes Public Plea

Sudan Genocide-Frist Makes Public Plea

Bill Frist has made a plea in the Washington Post for international involvement and action to stop genocide and assist the suffering and the needlessly dying in the Darfur region of Sudan.

I saw a moving piece on the plight of the citizens of Darfur last night on PBS' Jim Lehrer News Hour. You can watch the segment by going here.

We watch. We weep. We talk about it. Hopefully, we don't have to scream about it before action is taken. Here's a worthy cause to immediately act for the good of mankind. There is no reason or sense involved when an 18-month-old is buried due to disease or starvation. Not in this world.

A fellow Syracuse resident-blogger, NYCO, did an excellent job of breaking down the history of another African genocide--the one in Rwanda. Titled "100 Days in Rwanda", NYCO dedicated her effort and time to helping us understand the effects of genocide and the startling reality when no one cares enough to act to stop it while it's happening in front of our eyes. We truly embolden terror when we let these crimes go unchecked.

The ghosts of Rwanda should haunt us all and wake us up to the reality of what's happening in the Western region of Sudan today.

Cut terror down in its tracks wherever it rears its head.

Here's an opportunity for the world to come squarely together on the struggle against terror.

McGreevey can only be one of the "G"s in America

McGreevey can only be one of the "G"s in America

"At a point in every person's life, one has to look deeply into the mirror of one's soul and decide one's unique truth in the world, not as we may want to see it or hope to see it, but as it is."

So true.
I'm sorry Jim McGreevey can't be 'gay' and 'governor' at the same time.

I mean.....I know it's physically possible to be both at one time.

So ask yourself why he's going to be only the 'gay' part as of November.

Hmmm....the pursuit of happiness?...freedom?....opportunity?

No, no.

Not for gays in America.

The land where our "role models" in politics refer to their opponents as "girlie-men" and mock others' reference to the word "sensitive". A land where a man or woman can offer their life for their country, but they can't talk about who they are and they can't hope to marry the person to whom they've committed their love.

It's all related.

It's got to be all or nothing here. Until we stop lying to ourselves, we are not the land of great freedom and opportunity. We are the land of silent persecution, mockery, and exclusion.