Sunday, September 07, 2003

Dean Supporters- Angry or Concerned?

Dean Democrats aren't angry....we're genuinely concerned.
With perfectly good reason.
Sensationalist media are
more a distraction than they are a contribution to reason.

Personally, I'm sick to death of being portrayed as just an angry aimless hater by journalists. Are they really that clueless as to the plight of our nation today? If they are not clueless, then why are they being so incredibly intellectually dishonest?
To keep their jobs, perhaps?

Can you think of one historical example where the 'out' party has lost a presidential election "because it has come on too strongly against the incumbent"?


"This is beyond normal partisanship. The feeling in the Democratic base about Bush's presidency is that he's a dangerous leader, as opposed to a bad leader."
Simon Rosenberg/New Democrat Network


From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Sept 6:

**Note: I agree with presidential historian Allan Lichtman:

Mobilizing the voters

"While the "angry Democrats self-destruct" scenario has some currency among political analysts and insiders, there's an alternative school of thought.

"I don't buy that for a minute," presidential historian Allan Lichtman said of the notion that anti-Bush passions are counterproductive for Democrats.

"I can't think of a historical example where the 'out' party has lost because it has come on too strongly against the incumbent," Lichtman said.

"You cannot win unless you get your base energized and mobilized. Let the Democrats nominate whoever they're most enthusiastic for and not worry about being too strident or too left-wing," he said.

In other words, the nominee will do what all nominees do: nail down the base, then adapt for the general election.

When it comes to Dean in particular, there's another dimension to the argument. Is he a stock liberal with niche appeal or - as he and his campaign contend - is he harder to pigeonhole, with some stands (balanced budget, gun rights, pro-death penalty) that defy stereotyping and a temperament (combative) that makes it hard for conservatives to define him as too soft to protect America?

Independent pollster John Zogby said that in the key nominating battleground of New Hampshire, Dean's support is just as strong right now among independents as among Democrats - that as an "outsider," he's appealing to many non-ideological voters.

"He's not just throwing red meat to liberals. He's the John McCain," Zogby said, referring to the Republican senator who defeated Bush in New Hampshire four years ago."

From Swagger to Stagger

MAUREEN DOWD: From Swagger to Stagger

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In today's NY Times, Maureen Dowd asks:

"...Does Mr. Bush ever wonder if the neocons duped him and hijacked his foreign policy?
....Some veterans of Bush 41 think that the neocons packaged their "inverted Trotskyism," as the writer John Judis dubbed their rabid desire to export their "idealistic concept of internationalism," so that it appealed to Bush 43's born-again sense of divine mission and to the desire of Mr. Bush, Rummy and Mr. Cheney to achieve immortality by transforming the Middle East and the military...."

I only have this to say:

Being "duped" would make GW Bush even more of a dangerous leader than he already appears to be.
What kind of a leader lets himself become "duped"?
You've got it! An ignorant leader without a mind of his own.
Not Presidential material.
He never has been.
He's the worst President in American history.
I need say no more. (But I probably will say more quite soon.)

Dean supports Davis

Howard Dean Talks Sense to Californians.
We are not the United States of the Right Wing.

Article: In an Appearance With Davis, Dean Denounces Recall Effort

NY Times

"LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6 — Howard Dean today became the first Democratic presidential candidate to appear alongside Gov. Gray Davis as he fights off a recall initiative, urging Californians to turn back a campaign that Dr. Dean said was orchestrated by President Bush and the White House.

"This is not about Gray Davis," Dr. Dean said, as a tieless Mr. Davis smiled at his side. "This is about whether America is going to continue being a democracy or whether we are going to be dominated by the far right, to serve their own purpose and not the purposes of America."

Asked if he thought the White House was orchestrating the recall, Dr. Dean said: "Absolutely. I think Karl Rove and George Bush have their hands in this."

*How refreshing to see Howard Dean take the lead!
I believe this is only the beginning of Governor Dean showing what democratic leadership really means.
Once again, he's giant-steps ahead of the pack.