Friday, November 07, 2003

Frist proving to be worse than Lott in taking lead/uniting Senate

Bill Frist proving to be worse than Trent Lott as Senate Majority leader
Leadership and uniting Senate are obviously not his strong points

Current Senate train wreck:

Frist Accuses of Democrats of Undermining Intelligence Panel
By Ken Guggenheim Associated Press Writer

This is about a a Democratic memo leaked this week that outlines a strategy for exposing contradictions between intelligence reports and Bush's claims about Iraqi weapons programs.

The memo in question was apparently STOLEN...then leaked.

Jay Rockefeller's capability as an effective Senator has been in much doubt as of late, IMHO,
judging from what I've seen from him on recent FOX interviews. Rockefeller was totally
careless in allowing something like this staff-memo to fall by the wayside.

The paranoid Pat Roberts is whining that Democrats are "plotting against him".
Roberts went on with his paranoid complaint (which may actually be a deceptive way to pull the plug on a
decent investigation), saying:
"The memo said that at some point the Democrats could 'pull the trigger'. When I read that, I felt like they're going to pull the trigger on me."

Dirty business all around.
This is a clarion call to elect a President in 2004 who is outside the sloppy and jaded Washington loop.

I'm convinced that few of them hold the people's interest as their priority.

I'm especially convinced that these GOP-ers would sell their mothers to Saddam Hussein to steal power
from Democrats.

The Dems don't owe them an apology...they owe them a gobulous spit in their thieving slanderous faces.

If the Bush administration hadn't abused intelligence and misled the people so many times while troops continue
to die, it never would have come to this sad state of affairs in the Senate. The Republicans on the Intelligence
Committee are in a pickle. How long can they continue to cover for the worst President in American history while attempting to slander their political Democratic brethren in Congress?

They're beginning to look ludicrous.

Here is the most ludicrous statement of them all...not to mention insulting to the intelligence of the American people:
From NewsMax:
"Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said Thursday that Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., was right to charge this week that a memo outlining plans by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats to politicize Iraq war intelligence borders on "treason."
Oh, please. Someone get Orrin Hatch a valium or a lollipop. He's going off again.

MUSIC BREAK: Go here to hear Orrin's
lovely and inspirational recording of "Heal Our Land". Then start praying we obtain a real leader
who will do just that.

I hope this committee investigation derailment orchestrated artfully and stealthily by the GOP members of
the committee will speed us toward a full and independent investigation.

This memo could never be a bigger scandal than the scandalous reason the Committee is there in the first place--
a President who misled (perhaps criminally) the people of America about the reasons our sons and daughters would meet horrendous
conditions..horrendous injury...horrendous death.

Now THERE'S the scandal.