Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bill Simon Drops Out of Recall Race

Buh-Bye, Bill Simon from your *fair-weather friends at the GOP!
*legal disclaimer: No, FOX News...I did not say fair and balanced-please oh please don't sue me*


Bill Simon does a total 180-degree within less than one week!
The future of his campaign obviously wasn't up to "the people" at all.
It was up to the guy Bill Simon was drooling over in the Meet the Press interview last Sunday....Karl Rove.


Obviously, the Meet The Press appearance was Bill's last gasping chance before cuddly Karl cut Bill's throat.

Note--Even though I can imagine, if asked about the situation, Karl's comment would be:

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"


BRIAN WILLIAMS: "Mr. Simon, are you in this race till the very end?

MR. BILL SIMON: I’m in this race, Brian. I’m not under any pressure to quit.
The bottom line is this: What we need to do now is campaign hard for the next 52 days, give our citizens a message, a vision for the state of California. That’s the most important thing. We should have a series of debates. We ought to let our people make a decision. It’s up to the people. They’ve led this recall movement, Brian. This is no time for experts. It’s not time for politics. It’s time for our people.

MR. WILLIAMS: Would a telephone call from, say, to pick a name, a Karl Rove, for the good of the party, to streamline things, to make sure the GOP gets this Statehouse and holds it, have any sway with you?

MR. SIMON: Well, certainly, I’d be happy to talk to Mr. Rove. I’m a great admirer of his. But right now what I’m looking forward to is campaigning around the state which is what I’ve been doing the last week. And I know that our people are hungry for leadership, and Lieutenant Governor said, many millions of people voted for him. They voted for me, too.

OTHER SIMON QUOTES 8-17 on Meet The Press:

"Well, our people now know that I was right on these issues, Brian, and I believe that they’re going to embrace my vision and my solutions for the problems that beset California right now."


"You know, I’m running hard, Brian, and I’ll just say this. I admire Mr. Dreier, but I’ve got other endorsements. This is not about endorsements. This is not about politics. This is about doing the right thing. That’s why our people are fed up because we’ve been having too much politics out here. We’ve been having too much emphasis on people saying this is the right thing, theoretically, to do in terms of who ought to run and who shouldn’t run. What we need to do is focus on the message. Where’s Mr. Schwarzenegger stand on the issues? We don’t even know. Why don’t we have a forum where we can find out where all our candidates stand on the issues? This election has got to be about the people. It’s not about politics."


"I believe, as has happened the last two campaigns that I’ve run, that the people are going to coalesce around me, and on October the 7th, I will be the winner."




"Republican Bill Simon, who was a prominent rival to Arnold Schwarzenegger in California's race to recall Gov. Gray Davis, dropped out of the running Saturday.
"I come before you today to announce that I am withdrawing as a candidate for governor," Simon said in a videotaped statement recorded in Sacramento. "I strongly believe the desire of Californians must come before the aspirations of any single candidate. There are too many Republicans in this race and the people of our state simply cannot risk a continuation of the Gray Davis legacy. For these reasons, I think it is wise to step aside."

Buh-bye, Billy!!!
You were a L-O-S-E-R in 2002
and a L-O-S-E-R you shall remain,

so says the one you so greatly admire-- big ol' cuddly Karl.

Someone else will have to steal the governor's seat fair and square...but it won't be YOU, Monsieur Proven Loser!

Bring them home

Hey, Bush Administration--If you're going to keep our precious men and women in harm's way, how's about making sure they get everything they need to succeed?
Ample equipment, food and water (along with your immediate, earnest and humble attempts to get UN back-up) would be a good start.
If you can't do that, Then BRING THEM HOME NOW!

Fri, Aug. 22, 2003

Army short on replacement parts in Iraq
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Army overcame enormous logistics obstacles in the successful march to Baghdad last spring, but sustaining the force has become a problem, a senior Army general said Friday.
Gen. Paul Kern, chief of the Army Materiel Command, cited as an example the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which he said has sustained so much wear and tear in Iraq that the Army is months' short of replacements for the steel tracks on which they travel.
Kern said the Army also is in short supply of replacement tracks for Abrams tanks, Paladin howitzers and other vehicles.
Similarly, the Army has had trouble supplying enough tires for Humvee utility vehicles and generators for electrical power, Kern said in an interview with a group of reporters at the Pentagon.
Kern said these shortfalls are being addressed and have not created a major combat readiness problem. He said they reflect the difficulty of maintaining a high pace of operations in Iraq at the same time the Army remains active in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.