Wednesday, April 21, 2004


A car-driven suicide-bomb blast has leveled a Saudi Arabian security building.

If it's up to Sen. Chuck Hagel, Uncle Sam will be calling on your boys and girls (or you) to report to duty soon.

At least 68 people (I assume they're Iraqis) are believed to have died and many more been injured in co-ordinated suicide attacks on four police buildings in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

Benjamin Duncan discusses Bush, Kerry, and the politics of religion.
Luis Lugo of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life says:

He [Kerry] cannot sound so religious that he turns off the section of the Democratic Party that is secular."

Bush does not have to worry about appearing too religious to his conservative base.

"Bush does not have that challenge, because on his side there is not a large swath of seculars."

Surprise! Puppet misleader-extraordinaire Ahmad ("we are heroes in error") Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress has announced his own nephew, Salim Chalabi, as his choice for the general director of the tribunal to try Saddam Hussein. Right. I'm sure that will win more hearts and minds.

Bernard Weiner/Crisis Papers: Shallow Throat to Dems:
"Time to Go for the Jugular!"

WOW! Who woulda thunk it, already?: A top Pentagon official told lawmakers Wednesday the Iraqi military operation ''is going to cost us more money'' than anticipated. The conservative tune is a cool $700 million.

The imminently dangerous Saddam 'still thinks he's president'. Bush will probably 'still think he's president' on November 3rd as the little yellow bus bound for Crawford warms up for the long trip from Washington D.C.

Daniel Ellsberg: Iraq a new Vietnam-The veteran of the Pentagon Papers-era Defense Department says the U.S. should withdraw its troops.