Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bachus: Shut Up and Get to Work

Bachus: Shut Up and Get to Work

I've got ten words for a legislator I've never really heard much about before today.

The only reson I'm hearing about him now is because he thought he'd try to score himself some political points with the folks back home in Alabama by whining about a famous American satirist who, in Mark Twain fashion, all too often gets all too close to the truth.

I just love it when politicians waste time by lashing out at those who remind them that they haven't done their jobs. Don't you?

I'm sick to death of our Congress going nowhere because of partisan hacks, far right conservative freak shows, and witch-hunters to rival Cotton Mather.

To Spencer Bachus R-Ala, who slams Bill Maher for pointing out the fact that the military's falling short on its recruitment goals and who is going as far as to insanely rant about how that amounts to treason, I say:

Shut up and get back to the work of America.

*Hat tip to PSoTD