Saturday, February 21, 2004

President Bush family dog Spot has died

" President Bush's dog Spot, the 15-year-old English springer spaniel, died Saturday after a recent series of strokes, the White House said..."

Condolences from the Iddybud blog to the Bush family.
It's never easy to lose a beloved pet.


What do faces have to do with winning?
More than you'd expect......

"Dean consistently showed anger by pressing his lips together or tensely holding his mouth slightly open," Mr. Hill said. "Last fall, Kerry was showing definite signs of contempt and disgust by raising his upper lip, but that's gone now. He's trying to be more likable by smiling more, but rarely can he get past the social smile to the genuine smile. Edwards gets there much more often. He conveys the most optimism, and lately he's been adding gravitas by knitting his eyebrows to show that he feels the pain of the other America."
Pssst- Dennis Kucinich is still
running for President

(I'm telling you this because you'll
seldom hear it on cable news

I'm sending out thanks to the Duchess, who has posted regular updates and current news about the Kucnich campaign:
From Hanging Out with the Duchess blog:

Kucinich picked up an important endorsement on February 18th from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The Bay Area's influential and widely read alternative weekly, which put a photo of Congressman Kucinich on its front page, had this to say:
"Kucinich is a genuine progressive. . . We're glad he's out there, and he deserves encouragement and support. The Kucinich campaign -- which shows no signs of giving up -- can be an organizing force for the left and help keep the activist spirit alive in the party as we head to a convention where the focus has to be on defeating Bush. "

"Dennis Kucinich is the one candidate for President whose vision, eloquence and commitments on the issues can lead us to rise to and surmount the worldwide crises precipitated by the Bush Administration. " Read more of this article
at the link above.
The Harvard Business Review List:
Breakthrough Ideas for 2004

From the fields of biology, neuroscience, economics, positive psychology, network science, marketing, management theory, and more...these are some of the emergent ideas that are changing the way business is done. Includes 20 new ideas by various authors, such as Prof. Rakesh Khurana, big-thinker Chris Meyer, Prof. Robert Sutton, Joel Kurtzman, Daniel H. Pink, Thomas A. Stewart, and Gardiner Morse.
Pre-9-11: Who tried to stop bin Laden? Why did they fail?

This story, to be featured in tomorrow's Washington Post, speaks of the years before the 9-11 terrorist attacks, when our CIA carried out a secret (ultimately unsuccessful) manhunt for Osama bin Laden.It is written by Washington Post managing editor Steve Coll, who will be online at the Post on Monday at 10 a.m. ET to answer questions about the book from which the article was adapteded: "Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001", The Penguin Press (New York: 2004) The book is an inside story going beyond any book previously published on the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan from the time of the Soviet invasion in 1979 through the summer of 2001. This article is the first in a series of two articles..the second is yet to come. I consider it required reading for anyone who wishes to better understand the history which led up to 9-11....what U.S. intelligence analysts might have known about the rising threat of radical Islam before Sept. 11, 2001... who tried to stop bin Laden ...and why they failed.

In a companion article by Mr. Coll, also to be featured in the Sunday edition of the Post, you will learn of policy disputes over the search for bin Laden which allegedly 'paralyzed' former President Clinton's aides. From the article:
"..Clinton had demonstrated his willingness to kill bin Laden, without any pretense of seeking his arrest, when he ordered the cruise missile strikes on an eastern Afghan camp in August 1998, after the CIA obtained intelligence that bin Laden might be there for a meeting of al Qaeda leaders. Yet the secret legal authorizations Clinton signed after this failed missile strike required the CIA to make a good faith effort to capture bin Laden for trial, not kill him outright...."
[Washington Post, Feb 22, 2004]

Bush Says His View of Iraq Threat Was Widely Held
Flashback- February 15, 2003:

Iraq Terrorists not connected with al Qaeda

According to this NYT report:
The most active terrorist network inside Iraq appears to be operating mostly apart from Al Qaeda, senior American officials say.
Most significantly, the officials said, American intelligence had picked up signs that Qaeda members outside Iraq had refused a request from the group, Ansar al-Islam, for help in attacking Shiite Muslims in Iraq.
This could well be another problem for the Bush administration's credibility, as they portrayed Al Qaeda and Ansar as closely linked associates and used those links as part of their justification for war against the Iraq/Hussein government.

What about the Deaniacs?

I just read something I wanted to share here on the Iddybud blog. I can't tell you exactly where we're going, but we "Deaniacs" are doing a bit of scattering now that Dean's out of the actual race. Yet, our hearts are still with the candidate who changed our lives. To me, Howard Dean represented my version of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" Although I don't believe for a moment he was as politically naive as Smith, he was every bit as refreshingly idealistic. He had patriotic clarity and conveyed it well. He lifted a veil so that we may see the filth that pollutes Washington politics today.
There's a great thread at the for Change for America blog, and this is where I found these comments from "Politicalfinger":
"Why does Steve Grossman keep talking about Dean giving the eventual nominee (in his mind - Kerry) his vast number of supporters? Is this his dream to hand Kerry the Dean supporters and crawl his way back to the fold? It will be his nightmare. Dean supporters can not be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Grossman defected publicly right before the Wisconsin primary as a signal to Kerry that he was willing to throw a wrench in the Dean support at the polls. There are professional whores who work campaigns every election cycle and now there is much media about how they will be "punished" for supporting Dean rather than the establishment candidate pre-selected by the DNC/DLC (Kerry - Why do you think the convention site is Boston?) These professionals will always be around; they ridicule "true-believer" types (like Dean's supporters) and will do what ever they feel they need to do to get the next job. Beware these types and don't let the bastards get you down. Keep being a true-believer, otherwise we will continue to see "business as usual" in all areas of government. In the Sixties we said "Power to the People". That slogan is now being dusted off. Give them the Political Finger!"
Guys like Steve Grossman and labor leader Gerald McEntee (who recently called Gov. Dean "nuts" for not dropping out before Wisconsin) are only two representives what is wrong with politics today.

What's Next for Deaniacs?
Click on the link above...come to and join a national discussion.
National Grassroots' current objective is to:

--Create an umbrella organization to share and provide services to and from members including National Ad Spots, PR, Media, Technology, Volunteer Organizing, Voter Outreach Campaigns, Visibility, GOTV, and Strategy while enabling groups to maintain autonomy.

--Draw national media attention to the power, breadth, and depth of the grassroots by giving the grassroots a consolidated voice in the media.

--Maximize the effectiveness of grassroots activities by sharing our pooled wealth of volunteer talents.

--Strengthen the partnership between Dean grassroots volunteers and Dean For America.
Bin Laden "found"?

A British newspaper (The Sunday Express) is well-known for its "colorful" scoops (like World Net Daily or The National Enquirer). They are claiming Osama bin Laden "has been found and is surrounded by US special forces in an area of land bordering north-west Pakistan and Afghanistan." The Paper is said to have gotten information on bin Laden from a "well-placed Washington source". I've seen similar stories lately.
Interesting timing, wouldn't you say?
Perhaps a bin Laden capture would stop the swirling fervored chatter from the public about censuring President Bush because of the Iraq war intelligence fiasco.
Perhaps it will give President Bush a snowball's chance in Hades of winning the election in November.
The One You've Been Waiting For
By William Rivers Pitt

I consider William to be one of the greatest patriots this country could possibly know today.
For those who have been working hard to support the candidates of your choosing, regardless of their respective successes in the Democratic primaries, please take a moment and read this article. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.