Saturday, June 04, 2005

2005 - The Alien's Blog Odyssey

2005 - The Alien's Blog Odyssey

Note: I wrote this poem for this weekend's Tar Heel Tavern. It's about my recent trip to Greensboro. This week's host is Billy Jones, and I wrote the poem in honor of Billy's love for poetry. This weekend's Tar Heel Tavern theme is: "Aliens Invade The Blogosphere." I hope you'll enjoy it. - Jude


Eighteen hours on the bus, she started thinking she'd go insane
For just a few bucks more, she could have had her ass on a plane
Then again, thought she, look on the sunny side
Where else can you sit all day with a fellow who smells like something that died?

Thus, the alien came to Blogsboro with the hope of a Meet-Up grande
For this, she'd traveled with grimy folk from up the Northern land
She tells the tale from memory, she truly had some fun
Although she had to leave the South without meeting Mr. Sun.

photo credit: Yes Weekly

Roch was there to greet her - Greensboro101 in the flesh
He introduced her to the crowd whose love for blogging has caused them to mesh
Michael stopped to say "hello" and Patrick Eakes did, too
Along with David, Chewie, Stewart, Ben and Sue

Billy told her all about the Meet-Ups he has hosted
Lewis has his Barbershop to keep the blogworld
Brian was there to write about the things that made them tick
While Lee took their photos with a focus and a click

Jerry shared his passion for blogging and VFW proses
Fecund found himself unworthy to decipher the word of Moses
Ron SAT down to tell her how to blog and make a buck
Jay told her he'd planned to write her something that didn't suck


She visited Ross and Tara Sue at Revolution Mill
She went, next day, to lunch with Bora and Dave at Chapel Hill
The alien had a marvelous time, 18 hours on a bus was - well - almost worth it
When it comes to pioneering blog communes, who'd have known Greensboro would be the place to birth it?


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