Friday, July 25, 2003

While I was away last week, I paid attention to the news.

The list of last week's dead included a good many American soldiers. I suspect, sadly, this will go on and on. The fact that there is no end-game for Iraq is glaringly obvious.We think ambushing and murdering Saddam's sons is the answer. To me, it sounds like something Ariel Sharon would do to Palestinians. Bombing homes and exterminating its occupants. No taking prisoners. We are sinking to the savage eye-for-an-eye level of war. Look where it's gotten Israel in their "quest for peace" these past 60 years. Not very far.
An Egyptian political analyst was interviewed this week (article here):
"The US administration is wrong to think that the murders of Saddam Hussein's sons or of Saddam will bring an end to the armed resistance against the occupation," Egyptian political analyst Mustafa Kamel al-Said said. "The reasons for antagonism remain, there is no foreseeable withdrawal of US troops, living conditions are still bad, and the Americans are vetoing any political forces they deem unacceptable," Said told AFP."

The list of the dead last week also included a decent-but-despondent British scientist who was used badly by the government for whom he
worked....his fine work perverted to fit a bag of dirty lies aimed at the public to convince them of some great Iraqi threat. You could say that the British government virtually murdered David Kelly. George W Bush's determined vengeance and war-thirst contributed to Britain's fatal abuse of Dr Kelly. I hope they're all proud. I'd like to know what David Kelly's widow told Geoff Hoon. Hoon isn't saying.......(see here).
They like to blame the BBC for asking pertinent questions. Blaming the press is the facist-style M.O., you see.
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Topping the dead-list, from the media standpoint, were two sleazy brutes who happened to be the sons of Poppy B and Dubya's arch-enemy.
What happened to the rule of law? When did we decide it meant nothing? I enjoyed reading Sandra Mackey's editorial in this week's NY Times. (here)
"In giving up on the attempted capture of the Hussein brothers as too risky, the American administration of Iraq has ignored the dictates of Iraqi culture. At the same time, it also runs counter to the kind of country we want Iraq to become — one built around the rule of law..."
I'm sure Bush and his blind supporters believe that this will assuage the families of Americans who have lost sons and daughters in the war...yet I ask you this---will those families soon forget that it was a mountan of Bush administration lies and criminal exaggerations that caused our troops to be in that land to begin with? Will any of us soon forget Bush's refusal to make any of his administration responsible for these lies?
The fact that Stephen Hadley still has his job this week tells me that Bush is intentionally harboring criminals in his administration...and I ask you to question why he is doing this. It can only be that he supports their lying and covering-up for him.
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Best yet, our tax dollars ($30 million) are being paid to the scum-of-the-earth villa-owner/Iraqi sheik who turned the Hussein boys in. (here)

It's become painfully clear that, in order to maintain a stranglehold on their false truth, the Bush administraton is willing to do anything
to duck responsibility for getting us into what is truly a quagmire in Iraq.
Two very recent examples:
-The soldiers from the 3rd Division who complained to ABC News are under threat of punishment. The ABC reporter is dismissed as a homosexual Canadian.
see Andrew Greeley article here.
-Joseph Wilson's wife was exposed by the Bush administration as a covert CIA operative. Why? Because her husband dared to breathe the truth about
Bush lies and cover-ups.

I suppose you all witnessed Rep Thomas' calling of the police on his colleagues in the House of Representatives?

Perhaps you did not...and you certainly never would have heard the real story on FOX News. I witnessed FOX news giving only the Republican version of "the truth" after the watching the post-House discussion/floor activity on CSPAN. Thank GOD for CSPAN. It's the only place to get the truth nowadays...because you hear it yourself and are thus able to draw your own conclusions. Did you see Thomas' crybaby confession on the House floor last Wednesday? He has truly lost it! *You definitely wouldn't have seen it on FOX News.*
Thomas' fake humility shone through when he said: (article here)
"Because of my poor judgment, those outside the House who want to trivialize, marginalize and debase this institution were given an opportunity to do so," he said. "Because of my poor judgment, the stewardship of my party . . . has been unfairly criticized."

Here's what I think. Because of Thomas' poor judgement, the even poorer judgement of his GOP colleagues came through loud and clear in the immediate aftermath of the incident. They were most fairly and deservedly criticized. This is a party which I believe has truly lost its collective sensible mind.
If Thomas were truly humble and honest, he would never have fallen on his sword alone. He was obviously under the Hastert gun.....obviously having been read the riot act.

A last comment:
It does not seem that impeachment of Bush will occur. (See article from Village Voice here).
"Speaking of "civil officers" besides the president: During the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, Congress made no effort to investigate and showed little interest in obtaining independent information; instead, it meekly endorsed the resolution to go to war. If there are high crimes and misdemeanors involved, Congress is complicit in them."

Our Congressional representatives failed our nation and all of American democracy last fall by their blind unquestioning complicity in giving Bush carte blanche to attack Iraq. The fact that the blindly partisan and vitriolically loyal GOP has the majority in the House and the Senate would also zero out the chance that Bush would be impeached (and he SHOULD be impeached by all that is just and reasonable in a democratic nation- look at this bit of sarcastic comparison to see how ridiculous we have become).
This nation is in trouble, my fine readers.
What will you do?