Friday, August 25, 2006

Curious George Gets Bugged

Curious George Gets Bugged

One day George was scolded because he was so curious about killin' things that he'd gotten carried away.

He looked at a wee rabbit and some pretty flowers.

"Can I kill these?" asks George.

The judge in the big black robe says, "No George, you may neither drive this beast nor these lovely flowers to the brink of extinction.

"How about this one? It ain't American, so it shouldn't matter.
Let me try out my spray on 'em," begs George.

"No, George, you may not," says the judge in the big black robe.

George asks, "How about them pests in them big white trailers down there in New Orleans? Can I do away with them?"

The judge in the big black robe says, "You tried that, already George. It almost worked. Maybe just one more hurricane...."