Wednesday, October 01, 2003

An Interview With Martin Sheen

An Interview With Martin Sheen
The Progressive
July 2003

Wesley Clark's Official Blog


Clark Calls For An Independent Investigation Into Leak of CIA Agent's Identity

Daddy Knew Better Than Dubya

Daddy Knew Better Than Dubya

From the Daily Mis-lead: Bush Jr.'s Failure to Heed Advice of Bush Sr. Traps U. S. Forces in Iraq for Foreseeable Future

On Tuesday members of the Iraqi Governing Council contradicted Secretary of
State Colin Powell's optimistic timetable for self-government, saying it
take up to 18 months to ratify a constitution, thus extending the U. S.
occupation into 2005. This is far longer than senior administration members
suggested just last week but is exactly what President Bush's father warned
might happen.

Plame/Wilson..We Knew It was Coming

Quote of the Day:
"If there ever was a case for the appointment of a special counsel,
this is it."
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi

Republican Retort:

"Surprise, surprise, they are calling for a special counsel. My goodness."
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas

**Do you mean after the special counsel public investigation into president Clinton's private affairs? Was that politically motivated, Tom Delay? Is that what you're insinuating? Are you saying that current consideration of special counsel would unjustifiably turn a private matter into public concern? Oops, that was 1998. This is 2003. And THIS turning of a private matter into a public concern was about a treasonous felony...not a sordid little affair.

You can see my first mention of the Valerie Plame (Joseph Wilson) outing at this link.

My Quote:
"...Joseph Wilson's wife was exposed by the Bush administration as a covert CIA operative. Why? Because her husband dared to breathe the truth about
Bush lies and cover-ups...."

Trust me. I knew this was coming.
It smelled of White House venegeance from the very start.

Josh Marshall has one of the best (if not THE best) breakdowns and coverage of the case:
Talking Points Memo

The Intelligence Leak: A Guide

Important Dates in the case

Bush: If there was a leak, 'I want to know'


Last, a quote of astounding hypocrisy from Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

"These are the people that asked for the abolishment of the special counsel" law, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said of the Democrats. "Let's give the Justice Department a chance to do their job. Anything else is politics."

Within hours, White House critics served up a rebuttal of sorts, in the form of a comment Graham had made on television in 1999, when Clinton was in office.

"Any time you have an attorney general asked to investigate their boss, you've got a conflict of interest," he said then. "So you need a mechanism to allow an investigation of a high government official to occur that will have credibility."


MY GOODNESS! Tom DeLay---did you catch that one?"