Sunday, January 11, 2004

Silent thoughts:

"Ay-yi-yi...What am I doing working for this goob?........"

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Empty Promises, Empty Rhetoric, Empty Heads

No Child Left Behind, Two Years Later
Pentagon auditors set to clear Halliburton

"...The Defense Contract Audit Agency said Army Corps of Engineers officials overseeing the oil contract had promised a "business case" that showed prices billed by Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown and Root for fuel delivered by a subcontractor were "fair and reasonable" and the issue would then be closed..."
"....Pressure eased on the company over the pricing issue after Army Corps chief Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers signed a waiver on Dec. 19 that KBR did not need to provide certified "cost and pricing data" related to a sole-source fuel contract with Altanmia....."


"..The Pentagon audit agency said earlier in the week that the Corp had already said the business case would show prices billed by Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) for fuel delivered by a subcontractor were "fair and reasonable."
"...Neither the Army Corps nor the Pentagon would provide details about the document, but they are expected to knock down price-gouging allegations against the company once chaired by Vice President Dick Cheney
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The DCAA seems to have waved a magic wand here...POOF! $61.7 million in overcharges gone!


Report: Pentagon Auditors Altered Files

Time for an investigation on the accuracy of the Halliburton/KBR overcharge whitewash?

Credit: Working for Change

NY Times: My So-Called Blog
This could be THE most important issue for Election 2004:
Verifiable Paper Trails - H.R. 2239

H.R 2239 is a bill in the house insuring a verifiable paper trail in the upcoming election.
There is a website which is hosting a petition: Working for Change
I'm urging you to go and sign.

You can write a letter (easily) here:Electronic Frontier Foundation. See Action page.

Also, write Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio who is the head of the committee holding H.R. 2239 hostage.
Give him a piece of your mind.

See ARMACT blog for more information

This is intimidating..check it out.
Dean and Clark-Dream Team? This is a time for caution/wisdom

I think Josh Marshall has a great point HERE.
Personally, I envision Clark and Dean as a dream team. The quickest way for Dean to lose ground to Clark would be to beat the "he-was-pro-war" drums. Clark, like Dean, is coming in from the outside of the Washington inner-circle. Just as I take Governor Dean at his word today, (giving trustful benefit of doubt about past statements), I personally believe General Clark's words about his stand on the war today. Governor Dean cannot employ the same tactics used by the corporate media to attack past statements made by another popular candidate. It only demeans his own campaign.
To me, it would be the most patriotic move these two gentleman could EVER make to come together in a refreshingly new way and fight Bush together.
We Dean-supporters should be very careful in distributing unofficial campaign literature. It could hurt Dean as easily as help. We know the type of media atmosphere against which we are fighting.

They may be the center of our daily experience or exist on the fringes of our consciousness. They may be intentional, or accidental; they are the border between yesterday, today, tomorrow; between heart and spirit, despair and hope, time and timelessness.

"Meister Eckhart, the medieval Christian mystic, said that 'if gratitude were our only prayers, then that would be enough.' These little shrines here are very much an expression of that," he says. "They are filled with pictures of friends and family, and little things that I have picked up along the way - seashells or pieces of bark. Some of them I remember distinctly; over time, I have forgotten the specific significance of other things. But they all trigger a sense of gratitude in me, a sense of connection to people and places."

Shrine of a different color

900 "illegal" shrines demolished in Mumbai, India

'At all places where the eye rests, and also at places where the eye does not rest, the busy chisel of the artist has worked incessantly. The abode of god has been enveloped by a variety of figures depicting the good and the evil, the great as well as the insignificant, the daily occurences of human life....'
-Rabindranath Tagore