Saturday, June 18, 2005

DSM: I'm Outraged at Some "Liberal" Journalists

"So what's the big deal?
.......When [the Downing Street memo] was first ignored by the U.S. press, it was said the memo wasn't news because it contained no "new" information. I agreed with that statement at the time and I still agree with it. It wasn't news because too many of us believed the reasons for going to war were not sound and also believe the concept of Weapons of Mass Destruction was a lie. The Downing Street Memo now seems to prove what we all believed. Is that where the outrage is coming from?"

- Bud Beck, also known as Harold Thomas Beck is the former host of the Bud Beck Show and the author of: Ripe For The Picking (The Story of the Kathy Wilson Murder), Cornplanter Chronicles, The First Terrorist Act, and Tyrannus Bush?

DSM: I am Outraged at Some "Liberal" Journalists

First, how did "Political Gateway" get their site to appear on the Google news headlines? Why is their opinion more important than any blogger out here? (Mine included?)

Read the quote above. Bud Beck, who calls himself a "liberal" radio show pundit, cannot understand citizens' concerns about the sizzling information revealed in the Downing Street Memo. He uses the excuse that, because many journalists already knew and believed what was is now revealed as truth in the memo, the memo, itself, is "meaningless."

If President Bush and his administration had not deliberately misled this nation and our Congress, I am certain WE WOULD NOT BE AT WAR IN IRAQ TODAY.

If the Bush administration had not deliberately used the media as a tool for propaganda (especially the beastly FOX News Network), I AM CERTAIN WE WOULD NOT BE AT WAR IN IRAQ TODAY.

If this was such a slam-dunk case of so many journalists knowing these facts all along and had they professionally and effectively conveyed those facts to the public, I am certain WE WOULD NOT BE AT WAR IN IRAQ TODAY. (* Could it be they felt that they could not have conveyed the facts, for fear of losing their jobs, in the absence an official document like Downing Street memo?)

If most Americans had understood the consequences that we would face as a result of the Bush administration's criminal misleading, I AM CERTAIN WE WOULD NOT BE IN IRAQ TODAY.

This Downing Street memo information is "new" because it has come from the officials of a government of a foreign land. It is part of the historic annals of a foreign country's official documents. We're getting an official glimpse of went on behind the official scenes - from an official document. This isn't rumor nor is it innuendo. How many times does this have to be repeated before people start to get it?

Understanding that this is, indeed, "new" information should be a no-brainer.
"Too many of us believed the concept of WMD was a lie. The Downing Street Memo now seems to prove what we all believed. Is that where the outrage is coming from? "
This bullshit is coming from a professional political commentator? I can hardly believe I'm reading it. How about thousands of families whose lives have been shattered? How about 1700 American lives and thousands of casualties and countless Iraqi civilian deaths and casualties for what can be officially be proven as a needless war for which the President may have conspired to LIE to Congress? This is not worth an investigation to this writer, after what Bud Beck says he believes? Has he no sense of law, truth, ethics, or morality?

There are TWO stories at work here. The first story is about the Bush administration's lies, which may be impeachable lies. The second story is the media's professional negligence.

I have to ask myself why Beck is trying to whittle it down to only one story - giving 100% of the blame to the supine/ineffective media and letting Bush off the hook. Listen to what he says:
If there is a story here I don't believe it is the fact George Bush manufactured the reason for the war. I believe the real story is what the media was doing when it should have been reporting on what the White House was saying as opposed to what the White House was really doing. Why were they so willing to be the propaganda machine for the Bush White House?
The next (and last) quote from Beck makes me want to spit on him. That is how incredibly ignorant I believe his statement is and how frustrated I have become with people who are so willing to allow this President and his administration get away with what they've done. He says, about the Downing Street Memo:
"It isn't important evidence as to what the truth is. It can't be because everyone, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and even Andrea Mitchell, knew the same thing British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw knew."
History may prove me right or wrong on the importance of the Downing Street Memo, and it really doesn't matter, but I'll tell you this:

If any of you professional mainstream writers are going to let this President and his administration get away without so much as an investigation for what he has done to this nation and its people - - - and when you start pointing fingers at each other, instead, for your extreme negligence in the lead-up to the war, you'll remain just a bunch of navel-gazing LOSERS, and take us down the tubes with you. I can just imagine the secret planning going on for the NEXT unecessary war under your self-absorbed noses.

* Thanks to all who are reading this after seeing my headline on the Daou Report/

Summer Cold

Summer Cold
A Blogstream of Cool Consciousness
I was feeling so trusting
Gave it all right down to the bone
But she did me wrong
On a summer night, on a summer night
On a summer night, on a summer night
A cold chill, a cold chill, a cold chill, cold chill

- Stevie Wonder

Aaah - summer romance gone cold. What could be sadder? I get goosebumps just thinking about the ice-olation.

Anton has chosen "Summer Cold" as the carnival theme for this week's Tar Heel Tavern. I wasn't sure what to say, as I don't want to even think about the possibility of getting summer sneezes and wheezes, so I thought I would simply ruminate on cold summer/summer cold.

Would you like a Chinese recipe for preventing a summer cold?
- Herba Agastachis (5 g)
- Herba Eupatorii (5 g)
- Herba Menthae (3 g);
prepared as decoction for drinking...
suitable for prevention of common cold in summer.

Movie Break: The Cold Summer of 1953

In the arctic summer, the dark-colored ground absorbs energy from the sun, so plants grow close to the warm ground rather than towering high above ground. Often, I feel like the arctic plants, obtaining shelter from life's harsh elements by doing my best to keeping myself grounded. Ear to the ground. Feet on the ground.

Other times, I feel like flying.

Do you sometimes dream about the cold in the middle of the summer?
When there's more than enough heat to be had for the asking, why is it that we yearn for something else?
Are we never satisfied?

Have you ever felt gusts of cold air on a still and warm August day and think it might be a ghost?

What becomes of the ghosts of summers that never came? Mount Tambora, which is on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, erupted on April 5, 1815. It resulted in an extremely cold spring and summer in 1816, which became known as the 'year without a summer.'

All insects are cold-blooded Even on an arctic summer day, the chill in the air can make it difficult for them to move, let alone fly. Billions of mosquitoes, midges, gnats, crane flies, and hover flies warm up by basking in the sun often in the middle of a flower like the arctic dryad or arctic poppy.

Feeling under the summer weather? Remember that Chinese elixir to ward off illness.

Are spirits chilling your summer hallways? Let them pass through you - you deserve a break from the heat.

Healing a summer romance-gone-wrong? Dream about making yourself small enough to fit into the warm refuge of the poppy's embrace.

May your summer be warm - but not exceedingly so.

I'll let Stevie take you out....

It was a cold chill
"Like standing in the deep freeze
A cold chill
Like when snow's above your knees
Cold chill
Like sitting at the north pole
A cold chill
Wearing not one stitch of clothes
Cold chill
Like a winter Chicago night
A cold chill
Twenty ice cubes down your back for spite
Cold chill
Stranded in sub-zero degrees
A cold chill
Layed out on the arctic sea
Cold chill
When your fingers get frost bite
A cold chill
Buried beneath ten feet of ice
Cold chill
Baby, that ain't so nice
A cold chill......"