Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies about War and Terrorism
Bring 'em On!
by Steve Perry

1) The administration was not bent on war with Iraq from 9/11 onward.

2) The invasion of Iraq was based on a reasonable belief that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that posed a threat to the U.S., a belief supported by available intelligence evidence.

3) Saddam tried to buy uranium in Niger.

4) The aluminum tubes were proof of a nuclear program.

5) Iraq's WMDs were sent to Syria for hiding.

Where's mean WMDS?

6) The CIA was primarily responsible for any prewar intelligence errors or distortions regarding Iraq.

"Hey, hey...don't look at ME...look over Tenet!"

7) An International Atomic Energy Agency report indicated that Iraq could be as little as six months from making nuclear weapons.

8) Saddam was involved with bin Laden and al Qaeda in the plotting of 9/11.

Barry White music playing........

9) The U.S. wants democracy in Iraq and the Middle East.

10) Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress are a homegrown Iraqi political force, not a U.S.-sponsored front.


11) The United States is waging a war on terror.

12) The U.S. has made progress against world terrorist elements, in particular by crippling al Qaeda.

13) The Bush administration has made Americans safer from terror on U.S. soil.

14) The Bush administration has nothing to hide concerning the events of September 11, 2001, or the intelligence evidence collected prior to that day.

15) U.S. air defenses functioned according to protocols on September 11, 2001.

16) The Bush administration had a plan for restoring essential services and rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure after the shooting war ended.

17) The U.S. has made a good-faith effort at peacekeeping in Iraq during the postwar period.

18) Despite vocal international opposition, the U.S. was backed by most of the world, as evidenced by the 40-plus-member Coalition of the Willing.

19) This war was notable for its protection of civilians.


20) The looting of archaeological and historic sites in Baghdad was unanticipated.

21) Saddam was planning to provide WMD to terrorist groups.

22) Saddam was capable of launching a chemical or biological attack in 45 minutes.

23) The Bush administration is seeking to create a viable Palestinian state.

24) People detained by the U.S. after 9/11 were legitimate terror suspects.

25) The U.S. is obeying the Geneva conventions in its treatment of terror-related suspects, prisoners, and detainees.

26) Shots rang out from the Palestine hotel, directed at U.S. soldiers, just before a U.S. tank fired on the hotel, killing two journalists.

27) U.S. troops "rescued" Private Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital.

28) The populace of Baghdad and of Iraq generally turned out en masse to greet U.S. troops as liberators.

29) A spontaneous crowd of cheering Iraqis showed up in a Baghdad square to celebrate the toppling of Saddam's statue.


30) No major figure in the Bush administration said that the Iraqi populace would turn out en masse to welcome the U.S. military as liberators.

31) The U.S. achieved its stated objectives in Afghanistan, and vanquished the Taliban.

32) Careful science demonstrates that depleted uranium is no big risk to the population.

33) The looting of Iraqi nuclear facilities presented no big risk to the population.

34) U.S. troops were under attack when they fired upon a crowd of civilian protesters in Mosul.

35) U.S. troops were under attack when they fired upon two separate crowds of civilian protesters in Fallujah.

36) The Iraqis fighting occupation forces consist almost entirely of "Saddam supporters" or "Ba'ath remnants."

37) The bidding process for Iraq rebuilding contracts displayed no favoritism toward Bush and Cheney's oil/gas cronies.

38) "We found the WMDs!"

39) "The Iraqi people are now free."

40) God told Bush to invade Iraq.

"Do it, George, my child, do it! Go kill Saddam and anyone who stands in our way!
A ha--a haha-ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha---haaaaa!"


Still no word on Benjamin Padilla or the horse he rode out on

Fear of the loss of jobs, money and prestige cause Belgium to say "Ah, forget about the war crimes! You're OK with us, Bush, Blair and Sharon!"

Bush says to Sharon: "The fence is a bad idea."

Sharon says he's gonna build it, anyhow...and Bush isn't doing enough to stop Palestinian terror.
Bush says, "The fence is a good idea."

Good fences make good neighbors.

Bad fences, especially when they are WALLS, create and uphold apatheid.
I was recently watching the movie "The Pianist", and pictures of the sad Warsaw ghetto come to mind when I think of this wall in Israel.
Then again, the Warsaw Jewish were not strapping on bombs and getting on buses filled with Polish Christians.
I don't's crazy out there.
We need intelligent and humanistic leadership. It's clear we don't have it now. Not in Israel...certainly not in America.

Walling off human beings isn't going to be a meaningful answer for a lasting peace and the hope for a civil society; that's one thing I can say with certainty.

"And in despair I bowed my head
There is no peace on earth," I said,
For hate is strong
and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Pentagon Scraps Online Terror Futures Market

By the way, this was my first impression upon hearing about the online terror futures market scheme:

Defying Labels Left or Right, Dean's '04 Run Makes Gains

From the NY Times:

"The way to beat George Bush is not to be like him. The way to beat George Bush is to give the 50 percent of Americans who don't vote a reason to vote again."

"If being a liberal means a balanced budget, I'm a liberal. If being a liberal means adding jobs instead of subtracting them, then, please, call me a liberal.
I don't care what label you put on me, as long as you call me Mr. President!"

Howard Dean