Thursday, March 18, 2004

Have you seen The Gadflyer ?

The Gadflyer is a new progressive Internet magazine. At their website, they promise it will be provocative, critical, and iconoclastic. It will cover politics and public affairs from a fresh perspective, offering journalism, analysis, and commentary from a new generation of writers.

I recommend Amy Sullivan's article on getting tough with progressive constituencies, Paul Waldman's article on getting tough with the Right, and Sean Aday's article on getting tough with the press.

The age of the wimpy liberal is over! Who knew?
Know this: Vote for Bush and we'll be going after Iran soon
*It's just a knowing thing*

Listen to Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle. They aren't just suggesting a possibility of future war with Iran. They are telling you it shall be unavoidable from their points of view. Unfortunately, the thesis they've wrapped their foreign policy ideas around has been warped by a pesky thing called REALITY.

But who cares about reality, right? I mean, it didn't make a hill o'beans of difference to our President.
I hope the Balkans don't explode again. Milosevic is gone, but hate lives on

This time the Serbs are the victims of Albanian agression. Turn, turn, turn....
If KFOR can't get a grip on the situation, we may want to see a comeback of General Wesley Clark in some capacity. Vice President or Secretary of Defense, perhaps? Clark knows the Balkans. He'd be invaluable to the effort it's apparently going to take to get this situation lined up in America's best interests. I wish it weren't so, but there is no one in the Bush administration I trust anymore to handle such a volatile situation.

Slice o'life

I'd vote for Mickey Mouse if he was running against George Bush - anyone but Bush."

--May Duke

*Be careful what you wish for, May!*