Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Look at which New York Times Op-Ed Columnist
I "am" according to Quizilla

Paul Krugman
You are Paul Krugman! You're a brilliant economist
with a knack for both making sense of the
current economic situation and exposing the
Bush administration's lies about it. You
somehow came out as the best anti-war writer on
the Op-Ed staff. Other economists hate your
guts for selling out to the liberals. To hell
with 'em.

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March 31st: The O'Franken Factor

Time: 12-3pm.
Current stations: WLIB (NYC, AM 1190am), WNTD (Chicago, AM 950), KBLA (LA, AM 1580). Will also be streamed online at

The O’ Franken Factor: 12:00-3:00pm

After debunking right-wing propaganda in his bestselling books Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, Al Franken is taking the fight to America's airwaves--and he's doing it drug-free. With his co-host, veteran radio personality Katherine Lanpher, Franken will deliver three hours a day of fearlessly irreverent commentary, comedy, and interviews. Franken and Lanpher have a mean streak a smile wide. The O'Franken Factor will energize fans, infuriate liars, and deliver the truth--in what Al Franken likes to call the Zero Spin Zone.

Host: Al Franken

Co-host: Katherine Lanpher

Producer: Billy Kimball

Portland station KPOJ-- Listen live


Iraqi Rage in Sunni Triangle Turns to Savage Violence


AP: Bomb Kills Five U.S. Troops in Iraq By Sameer N. Yacoub

Scotsman-Two civilian vehicles hit in Fallujah--4 may be dead, mangled bodies dragged in broad daylight, mutilated, hung from bridge

click photo for FALLUJAH VIDEO - Warning: graphic content


FOX: Violent, Bloody Day Hits Iraq

BBC: Bodies Mutilated in Iraq Attack

Reuters: Seven civilians hurt in Baghdad bomb blast

WP: Army Says Troops Killed Two Iraqi Journalists-U.S. Military Accepts Responsibility but Insists Shooting That Sparked Protests Was Accidental

Salon: John Dean says Bush is far creepier than Nixon was

NY Times - This Isn't America by Paul Krugman

BBC News - Terror suspects held in raids

MSNBC - 150 'dead zones' counted in oceans

Campaign News

CST: Kerry meeting set, Nader says

Kerry FBI files stolen

NY Times - Cheney and Kerry Trade Barbs Over Taxes and Economy

San Diego Union-Tribune - Kerry raps Cheney, will hold a rally at UCSD this morning by John Marelius

The News-Review - Kucinich feels comfortable campaigning in Oregon by John Sowell

Iraq, 'The War on Terror' & the 9/11 Commission

NYT editorial: Shutting down newspapers no way to win hearts/minds or end Iraqi hostility

CAP: Fact Check: Condi Rice's 60 Minutes Interview Lies

CAP: Condoleeza Rice's Growing Credibility Gap

Insider vs. outsider: Senior aide to Condi Rice calls Clarke "melodramatic"--(are we surprised?)

NYT-Book Review-"Against all Enemies" and "Ghost Wars"- Conecting the dots

NYT: Coming soon: First Iraq WMD status report since October from the American government, no indication of newfound evidence of any illicit Iraqi arsenal

NYT: White House Caught In Lie About Sitting National Security Advisers Who Have Testified, click "multimedia" chart

Christian Science Monitor - US fights shifting Iraqi foes

Bloomberg - Uzbek Forces Kill 20 in Fight Near President's Home, AFP Says

The Age - White House concedes Bush asked about Iraq

New Zealand News - Al Qaeda spy chief killed in Pakistani raid

Washington Times - UPI: Police foil terror attacks in Manila

The Missoula Independent - Hornet's nest by George Ochenski

Guardian Commentary: Guantanamo-Maybe none of them are terrorists

Other News & Comment-----------------------------------------------

Yahoo! News - Seven New Allies Shift NATO to Russia's Borders

Pravda - Scandal in Ukraine: hundreds of missiles disappeared

International Herald Tribune - The debate on humanitarian intervention by William Pfaff

ENN News - U.N. environment summit opens, targets ocean dead zones by Hans Greimel

Sydney Morning Herald - Employers face ban on email spying by Stephanie Peatling and Bonnie Malkin

London Independent - Prozac Nation, UK by Maxine Frith

ENN News - As natural gas prices rise, utilities plan new coal-fired plants by Dan D'Ambrosio

Guardian - Odds on that God exists, says scientist by Stewart Maclean, Catherine Bolsover and Polly Curtis

Pravda - Time Can be Turned Back by Olga Zharina

MSNBC - The World on a String: Brian Braiker interviews Brian Greene
Why would Matt Drudge do this?!

I noticed this in the Drudge Report last week... and I just have to point out how idiotic and pointless I thought it was.