Saturday, January 10, 2004

Paula the Whore (Or: 'Paula, You Ignorant Slut!')

Atrios reposts part of an interview with Dean manager Joe Trippi conducted by Paula Zahn, one of the queens of disinformation-spread. Joe handled it well.
I'm really getting sick of this shit. I know I'm not the only one.
The cable news media is overdue to be overthrown.
I propose an American revolution against these lazy gossip journalists.

Update/ABC News: "The Bloggy, Bloggy Banks
Twas There that Trippi Parted...with CNN's Paula Zahn

I don't see any latte or sushi.....Where?
I've got some hot dogs on the grill and a Bud in the cooler.
No! That's not a Volvo, that's my raft.
What the heck are you goofy Growth Clubbers talking about, anyhow?
Are you nuts?! That's not a's my darling mutt Mike!

"Gee whiz, Bill! Maybe them Deanies aren't the latte-sippin' Hollywood-lovin' weirdos we suspected them to be! The elderly couple on that there TV ad were only Hollywood actors tryin' to look like one of us, anyhow. Let's go crack a Bud with the gal and ler her tell us about Howard Dean!"


We are the great grassroots campaign of the modern era, built from mouse pads, shoe leather and hope.

We seek to build a community of millions and strengthen the voice of the people.

And like the founders of our republic, we seek change.

Our campaign is about who we are as Americans. This President has forgotten ordinary people-- but you have the power to reclaim our nation's destiny.

Do so by taking action today:

Join the Dean Campaign.

Of Pipelines, Wars, Survival

Ted Rall has further thoughts on our reasons for the attack on Afghanistan.

An anonymous party wants us to think about unspoken reasons for war, too. Where will you be when the great Oil Crash comes?
I knew all along that a superior man could not stay with the blind Bush

"The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.
-The superior man loves his soul; the inferior man loves his property.
-The superior man always remembers how he was punished for his mistakes; the inferior man always remembers what presents he got.
-The superior man is liberal toward others' opinions but does not completely agree with them; the inferior man completely agrees with others' opinions, but is not liberal toward them.
-The superior man is firm, but does not fight; he mixes easily with others, but does not form cliques.
-The superior man blames himself; the inferior man blames others.
-The superior man is always candid and at ease with himself or others; the inferior man is always worried about something."

Josh Marshall is talking in the mainstream media today. Josh is laying David Brooks out for his irresponsible slandering

"...Let's be clear on what's going on here. Pressure groups exist in politics. The loose association of people generally termed "neoconservative" use the term to describe themselves. And while no group is monolithic in its thinking, neocons generally think of themselves as a group and act in that fashion. The point is that this is an ideological group in American politics. The people who are a part of it see it as such, as do its critics and opponents. And yet many now want to use blanket criticisms of anti-Semitism to stigmatize and ward off any and all criticism.."

I am so glad this has been said.
As I mentioned earlier this week, injustices by so-called professional journalists need to be pointed out. They need to be shown as examples of what not to do if you plan to be seen as a credible journalist.
Again, Josh, thank you.
Bush Officials Slammed with RICO complaint-The Media is Blacking this out. WHY?

9-11 Widow Ellen Mariani's "Open Letter to Bush"
Listen to the media, the GOP, and the DLC screeching about how Dean is left-wing extremist. Consider the actual left-wing view. Get real.
If we're going to unseat the Bushies in November, we'd best get real. This isn't a game we're playing. Our troops are dying every day in a land in which we know they don't belong. The Bushies have gotten them into a quagmire situation.
They cannot leave Iraq for years and years because the moment they leave, the Iraqi government will be overthrown by the "occupied" people. Because we do not have world-cooperation in a true sense of the word, the coalition-propped Iraqi governing council will not be given legitimacy by the Iraqi people.
All this must change, and there is absolutely no indication that the Bushies plan to turn this around.
Left extremists are pie-in-the-sky to abandon the potential of Howard Dean to take this reality and turn it back to sanity. The more they rip away at Dean, the higher the chance they'll be handed the nightmare of the Bushies for another 4 years. And they'll be whining and protesting about the same thing all through those 4 years. How foolish. Bloody foolish.
When will we learn?
We've known about this long before Paul O'Neill confirmed it.
Today's Drudge Report top-headline goes like this:


This big news flash on the Drudge Report is something we have known for a long time. Why is it that, just because Paul O'Neill suddenly says so, it's now "legitimate" and headline-worthy whereas before it was left-wing lunacy?

I guess the reason the dusty old news is worthy of a headline today is because a Bush insider finally lets a truth pass over his previously-sealed lips (GASP).

May 4, 2003 /Iddybud:


9-11 was not caused by Saddam Hussein....
Hussein (granted, not a great guy) was nowhere CLOSE to having
WMDs that would threaten our national security...
but 9-11 was the perfect catalyst..the
"springboard to a dream" for the PNAC.
Jude 2:28 PM May 4, 2003

".."I owned a horse once. I loved him better than my own son," said Yusuf Majid, 58, a dignified but threadbare man who was eagerly pressing against the fence to watch one race. "Here in Iraq, times are bad, security is bad, work is bad. The only things we have to enjoy are these beautiful horses...."