Friday, January 27, 2006

Bush: The Old Law's No Good

Bush: The Old Law's No Good

" I said, 'Look, is it possible to conduct this program under the old law?'
And people said, 'It doesn't work in order to be able do the job we expect to us do.' "

Bush Wants Other Countries' Nuclear Waste

Bush Wants Other Countries' Nuclear Waste
Our own nuclear storage problems aren't enough - Bush wants to adopt everyone else's nuclear waste for Big Energy to play with. Who stands to be enriched by this scheme? Does the American public stand to be endangered?

At American Street, I asked this question today:

Why Do We Want Foreign Nuclear Waste? The Bush administration is working on a civilian nuclear energy plan that would reprocess spent nuclear fuel from other countries in a break from long-standing U.S. policy.

Will our GOP-majority "rubber stamp" Congress debate the issue of lifting the moratorium on the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel in the US? I'd like to know, because in a dangerous world of nuclear proliferation, the process that our President is promoting would result in the production of material that could be used in nuclear weapons. One scientist has said that, even with all the promised safeguards, it would not prevent a suicidal terrorist from handling the material. Other scientists warn us that it's not a good idea to lift the moratorium at this time - until technology has improved.

How desperate are we that we’d need to do this now?

Another Honeymoon Offer From Tom to George

Another Honeymoon Offer From Tom to George
Mmmmwaaaah - barf!
On Tuesday President Bush will deliver his State of the Union address and map out priorities for his last three years. The direction in which America needs to go is obvious: toward energy independence. If Mr. Bush steps up to that challenge, this speech could be a new beginning for his presidency. If he doesn't, you can stick a fork in this administration. It will be done —

- Thomas Friedman

Oh Oh! Oh! Tom! Tom! Tom! It was over long ago! Why do you give this honeymoon offer over and over again? How many times will you let the man abuse you before you leave him, Tom? Please, someone - explain to Mr. Friedman that the fork was stuck in this administration once the pin had popped the balloon on every rationale for war and Americans were knifed in the heart by all the disapppointments with every partisan spoon-fed lie we were told.
It's love on the rocks.
All our bags are packed - we're ready to go.
He don't bring us flowers anymore.
There's a tear in our beer.
Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today.
We will survive - as long as we love democracy we know we'll stay alive.

Ditch the guy, Tom.
There'll someday be another who'll be good to you.
This one's a cad.